Fancy becoming an influencer?

by Daniel Easton  |  20th January 2019

Would you like to get free stuff? Would you like to be paid to do things you enjoy?

With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram has massive value for brands, authentic, personal connections can be made via a few simple double taps. Peoples passions are laid out on a grid three images wide, sorted with hashtags, and engaged with by like minded individuals.

Figures suggest that total advertiser spending on Instagram influencers in 2017 was £750 million... wait for it... projected to DOUBLE by 2019 (that’s this year). Instagram is easily one of the most accessible ways to research something you’re thinking about buying – search the brand, see what they share, check the comments, ask questions... It’s like amazon reviews, but on steroids, and with more memes.

I am not an Instagram influencer, but, social media has bestowed some things, and some opportunities to me, that I otherwise would have missed. Free things, free trips, leads for work. Now, at Branded Agency, the shoe is on the other foot. Daily I work with brands who need real world feedback, reviews and relatable content. One of the easiest ways to do this is to send people things for ‘free’.

I say free, it’s not really is it? ... I want photos from you, I want you to tell me about your experiences with the product in question, I want you to share your experiences with your own personal following, I want the time it takes you to do all of the above, and hopefully, with our combined reach, generate a little bit more business and awareness for my client.

Aside from a competition, where a random number generator will assign the prizes... (honest)... It’s not quite as easy as posting things out only to wake up a few days later with an inbox bursting with beautiful content.

So, lets say you’re minding your business on Instagram one day, blissfully scrolling those kitten videos we lose our days to, only to find some random marketeer has slid into your DMs, he’s not asking for nudes, he wants to send you things, for ‘free’.

Here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your new-found opportunity:

Stalk the product you’re getting:
Learn about it – what is it, what does it do, how is it made.
What’s their audience – who buys this stuff, what’re they into, how do they engage with the brand and the product.
What’s their existing content like, how is it delivered? Which bits are most successful?
What are their ideals, do they have any clear points on which they market?

Evaluate yourself:
Marketing man has come to you for a reason: What will he have seen that he likes?
What do you do that gets the most engagement? What does he expect from you?

Plot your own success:
Plan what you’re going to do with the product, how you’ll put your spin on it. Make sure you have a little list of what you want to achieve.
Define what success looks like to you, what do you expect at the end?
See if its been done before.

Content and campaigns have a shelf life, turn your creative output round in a reasonable time, or at least on the agreed schedule.
Communicate, honestly, don’t make them chase you.

Nothing too mind blowing in that list, and it may not get you $25,000 per post. But this kind of exchange is a partnership, with tagging, linking and sharing it should be a mutually beneficial situation, an opportunity for both yourself, and the brand to increase your following and get products in front of new, relevant consumers.

Do you have a niche following that may translate to our of our clients? Can you string a sentence together or take a half decent photo? Get in touch, we might be able to send you some ‘free’ stuff.

Daniel is our Social Media Manager and in-house photographer, his days are spent planning content, managing relationships, developing brand reputations and moaning about the canteen. An ‘Adventure Cyclist’ his Instagram is pretty niche, can you tell what he’s been sent for ‘free’?

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