Working with GSN

by Daniel Easton  |  5th February 2019

North Yorkshire health food company GSN came to us in 2015, an established name in their field, they were exploring ways to expand.

We felt the current appearance of their products was restricting them, having marketed towards a very specific sector (gyms & fitness), they were held back from other markets and deterring potential customers.

Together we embarked on a full, fresh business rebranding, developing their logo, presence and packaging to be more visually approachable. By tuning it away from any possible stigmas and concentrating on the key brand ethos of being healthy, delicious, and convenient, we opened the door to a vast new clientele.

Their best seller, the 'Pot o’ Gold' ready meal, received a new clean cut image. Stripped of unnecessary content and designed around having its focus on the primary information that consumers look for, information which ties back to the underpinning elements of GSN's core range. GSN products are now carried by Morrisons, one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains.

The second element of our work with GSN involved developing their digital platforms.

A growing company needs a stable platform from which to expand. With GSN's updated eCommerce site, we provided exactly that. Streamlined and appealing the site allows reliable sales of their complete range as well as distribution of content with which people will want to engage. It’s layout and interface is user friendly, providing a hurdle free consumer experience and driving online sales.

Our relationship with Gold Standard Nutrition is on-going, maintaining their online presence, designing and branding their ever expanding product range. Here’s what GSN's customers think of their products, we’re proud to have played a part their success...

"Big fan of the pots of goal on a busy day in between clients I still get the chance to eat tasty healthy food. All the guys in the staff room try to grab them off me because they smell so good, really fresh, really convenient."
- Louise

"Those following the same Food Optimising plan should definitely buy some. Great price - website recipes - Healthy food. Perfect every time."
- Sue

"Pots O Gold really are a breath of fresh air. Genuinely healthy, top quality ingredients make the pots so nutritious, so tasty and so so easy! The Pots O Gold are so delicious, you literally find yourself looking forward to and craving your next pot!"
- Rick

MY GSN LTD, Old Chapel, Denison Road, Selby, YO8 8DA

Branding – logo for all purposes
eCommerce website - UI/UX and build (Magento)
Digital platform development - Customer management, dispatch management
Product packaging - Full GSN range
Marketing materials - business cards, flyers, brochures and other print

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